Monday, December 1, 2008

Lost and scared

So I'm starting to look for jobs since my quarter won't be too stressful and the more I look, the depressed I become. Most of the jobs require at least 3 years of experience, which I know you are sometimes suppose to ignore, but I always feel like there is someone more qualified for that job than me. I suppose I need a little self-esteem boost. Anyway, I've also joined CareerBuilder and have invested some time into that. I feel like I'm doing everything in my power to try and secure a job for the near future, but why do I feel like by the time graduation roles around I will have nothing........what should I do??


Elementality: Evan's PR blog entries said...

As I heard Janelle Steele say, Lean on you Network (not an exact quote)! You know people who've graduated that are working, make sure they know you're looking for a job after graduation. You never know who might have an in or know someone somewhere you want to be. I know I haven't graduated yet so this isn't from experience, but i've heard so many professionals say it, it must be true right? And yes, def have more confidence in your skills buddy, you're Amber FREAKIN UPP!! and you've got ONU PRSSA at your back, you're good lol

Amber's blog said...

Thanks for comment. I appreciate it.