Friday, October 10, 2008

America is fat...week 6

I read a recent article talking about how the obesity rates in America have only gotten worse in the last year. In fact, "more than 25 percent of adults are obese in twenty-eight states, up from nineteen states last year " (America’s Five Fattest). The article also mentions the five states that are the fattest and that have the highest obesity rates along with the five slimiest states. Thank goodness Ohio is one of the top five, however we are not one of the five slimiest states either. I'm assuming we are right in the middle somewhere. This news though is completely depressing in my opinion. I would think that with weight being a major concern over the past year that the rate of obesity would have decreased somewhat or at least flat-lined. Not the case. Perhaps this increase is due to the economy (which is the central cause for everything these days) or maybe it's the fact that everyone is so busy that fast and cheap food is the answer. Nonetheless, this just proves that health and fitness organizations need to step it up to help Americans. One option could be to reduce membership costs or offer sessions to help with diets and exercise. Granted I know a lot of this is already available, so how do these organizations reach Americans? Better PR or how about creating blogs that offer tips on healthy eating and exercising. Whatever the case may be, something must be changed in the next year so that obesity rates decrease!


JamienneNoell said...

Whew, good job Ohio, we must be spending our weekends on the treadmills.
Interesting statistic Amber.

I don't think people are going to lose more weight by going to the gym 2 more times a week, subscribing to another fitness magazine, or researching the latest diet fad though. I think it's a nationwide problem rooted in the way we think. Everything in America is bigger. The food portions we receive in restaurants are huge! And we expect that. We drive to the grocery down the street, or across campus, and we don't leave time in our day to cook real food. I read an eye-opening book over the summer called French Women Don't Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano. It is very interesting and makes me want to move to Europe where people have a greater respect for fine food and their physiques! Most French women don't even exercise regularly or count calories at all... Why is America stuck in a trap?

Anonymous said...

Amber I love this blog, but I don't agree with the statement about health and fitness organizations needing to step it up to help Americans. The facilities are there to motivate people that drive or walk by to go in and get on a machine. I feel that as Americans, especially those who are overweight need to meet these facility providers half way and go in and at least try a treadmill or an elliptical for thirty minutes. We as Americans have gotten lazy as the years have progressed. For example, people stopping through fast food restaurants instead of gathering around the dinner table as a family to eat, sitting in front of the television playing video games as a child, or even as an adult instead of playing outside in your backyard or park! I think PR and blogs are out there trying to reach the obese, but people aren't answering the blogs or PR by at least trying to get fit.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree! I actually just did a similar article in my blog, check it out! Yes, something really needs to be done about this illness in America. Instead of looking around blaming fast food restaurants and the government we need to build awareness to EVERYONE on how this is starting to be a number one killer in America. This can so easily be avoided with the right morals and values imprinted in the minds of Americans. Some sort of country wide program or campaign. I was looking for a similar program of some sort and stumbled onto, “National Action Against Obesity”. This is a great example of what needs to happen! Presidnet and founder Meme Roth says, "let's finally recognize obesity as abuse-abuse of our children-abuse of ourselves-and together take an action against it". She could not be more right. I personally have a tie with this because I have several family members suffering from this abuse. In the recent years it has really become apparent to me how dangerous this disease really is. I am afraid for my loved ones health. Action needs to be taken and this is a great start. The awareness needs to keep spreading with help of us as a community.

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