Monday, November 3, 2008

New rules of marketing AND PR ....week 9

It seems as though most of our reading this week was geared toward reaching buyers directly and not through mainstream media outlets. I believe this is true and I don't think it's fair that large companies such as Apple can still get away with using media exclusively. However, if you think about it, recent success stories such as Cervelo Bikes have created great online content and directed their Web sites toward their buyers. As a result, these companies have succeed in reaching their audiences not through media, but by their own means. Nevertheless, this proves that organizations have the power to reach their audiences directly, but what about those people who want to stick with the old rules of marketing and PR? What if the higher-ups in your organization are from an older generation that refuses to try these news rules? David Scott mentions that the best way to figure out whether the new rules are right for you organization is to consider your goals for communicating via marketing and PR. Most small organizations just want their visibility to increase, therefore these new rules will be useful. I suppose if you have a CEO or executive that refuses to reach buyers directly, I would point out (with hard-core evidence) the organizations that have had success by telling their own stories. Perhaps that would change their minds.

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