Friday, November 7, 2008

Last reading week 10....

As this quarter starts to wrap up, our readings in "The New Rules of Marketing and PR," "Citizen Marketers," and "New Influences" must come to an end as well. These last few readings really summed up the quarter, talking about the importance of blogging and loyalty of content. I really enjoyed reading the conclusion of "Citizen Marketers" and the story of Lonelygirl15 on YouTube. It's unbelievable that this girl made up a character and so many people believed her; however I'm sure I would have too if watched her video. The point of telling this story is to make people understand that blogging is about loyalty and not deception. Organizations need to make an investment or sacrifice to strengthen a relationship with its customers, as stated by Fred Reichheld.
However, what's hard for me to understand is how can a customer trust what they read on the Internet? Realistically, I find it hard to read what's on the Internet without some skepticism. Television is the same way and I feel that it will always be hard to trust what's on the Internet. This is where loyalty really comes into play. Customers need to know that they can trust what the organization is about. If they find out something is fake they will be offended and the organization will lose it's credibility and the customer's trust. Therefore, organizations can develop relationship through social media but they need to be loyal and responsible.

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