Friday, October 17, 2008

Last Titanic survivor .....week 7

Rather than talk about politics and the economy I thought I'd share an interesting story from London, England. The last Titanic survivor, Millvina Dean will be selling her mementos from the voyage she took 96 years ago. According to Dean needs to pay for her nursing home fees and is hoping to obtain more than £3,000 ($5,200). I would venture to say that she will receive at least this much money, if not more. However, I have a very biased opinion because I love the Titanic (not just the movie) and learning about the history of the ship. Dean also said that she does not have any memories of the sinking because she was only two months old; however after hearing from her mother that she was in fact on the ship she decided to take part in Titanic-related activities in the 1980s. I decided to do some research about what kinds of Titanic-related activities exist worldwide and did you know that there are a few International Titanic conventions each year? At these events several remaining items from the Titanic disaster are auditioned off. However, they do discuss topics such as, new theories about the sinking and stories from survivors. So I'm curious what kind of PR has been created to host these events and who actually attends? I would most definitely go, if I could afford to travel to England, which is where most of the conventions are held. Unfortunately, I feel like these events would have poor attendance, unless there was a lot of hype generated. This event did take place 96 years ago and how many theories can they come up with as to why the ship sank? I'm sure that they have exhausted there resources to some degree, but I suppose those who are interested just like me will always find reasons to host such events about the Titanic.

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amckelveydz said...

Amber, I knew I liked you! I also love the Titanic. I am obsessed with the movie from the 90's, but also all the prior movies. I own the board game and even a bunch of historical books and this whole kit with newspaper clippings and such. It's really sad to hear that there is only one survivor left. She was only 2 months old when she was on it and doesn't remember anything. It's like we are watching history slip through our fingers. I used to love watching the interviews with survivors, but now there is no one to interview. I think we lose a valuable piece of history when we can't hear first hand accounts. I know there is a traveling museum and I would love to go to it. Maybe, if it's in Ohio one day, we can take a road trip!

(sorry, i spelled something wrong and caught it afterwards)