Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Newborn parents can use social media outlets too....week 10

So I read and commented on Mashable about the latest social media outlet called Wee Web. This new application allows eager parents to share the latest development's in their newborn life. Parents can also upload pictures and video. The creaters of Wee Web are following the structure of Twitter, with a timeline view of any updates made by parents. Content is shared through an invite-only basis and parents can accept new friends and/or reject others. There are other online journals similar to Wee Web that allow parents to record their newborn's everyday life, however Wee Web allows parents to send quick and short updates. These are much easier to read and take less time in comparsion to lenghty e-mails or journal entires. However, my only concern is that this application may get out of control. I would hope Wee Web would not gain as much popularity as Facebook, but I think it has some potential. So think about all the adaptations Facebook has made through the years. Since most newborn parents are excited about every little move their child makes, Wee Web allows them to share this news and so forth. I just think that the creaters need to make sure the content is extremely protected and safe. No parent would want their newborn's pictures spread throughout the Internet. I don't think that it would come to that, but with the Internet these days you never know.

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