Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Reaching buyers directly....week 8

This week's chapter about building your marketing and PR plan really grabbed my attention because it replaces the some of the old rules of marketing and PR. For instance, David Scott talks about how PR practitioners are told to focus on the four P's: product, place, promotion and price. If you think about, we, as students are also taught this as well. However, David Scott talks about the new rules, which include reaching your buyers directly and not using the media to tell your story. As college students we are quite familiar with the world of social media and Internet research. Therefore, we have a great advantage. Those of us that are graduating can truly apply these new rules when we enter the PR world and this may make us more marketable as well. For instance, we are Internet savvy and love Facebook, Twitter and Digg. These resources allow us to research buyer persona's and develop profiles. David Scott gives the example of a buyer persona for a male high school student who is a varsity athlete. I feel that we are easily able to find this information because we are so cued into all the latest Internet changes and research options. Basically, PR agencies and organizations should be begging for us to work for them because we offer a way to reach buyers directly. We know how to research, define our buyers, and find out every detail about their lives. Therefore, allowing us to write content that will grab the attention their attention and increase revenue for the organization.

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