Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My obsession...week 5

I had quite the difficult time trying to decide what to post for today. I now know that I will post below a trailer for a movie that will most definitely surpass all others at the box office. The movie is "Revolutionary Road," starring my two favorite actors, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. However, this movie will not hit the big screen until late December or January. According to the Internet Movie Database the movie is about a young couple living in the suburbs during the 1950s and their struggle with personal problems and raising two children. There is more to the plot, but I don't want to reveal anymore. Another bonus is that the movie is based on the novel by Richard Yates, so if you are as excited as me, you might go out and read the book. However, that may spoil the movie. Nonetheless, I can't even begin to explain my excitement for this movie. First of all, since I'm a die-hard Titanic fan, seeing these two actors together again is my dream come true. I'm so obsessed (I'm not afraid to admit it), that I have portraits of Jack and Rose painted from Titanic, framed and hanging on my wall. How did this happen? Well, a while back this group of amazing painters were in my hometown and they had some of their work on sale. My mom saw Leo's painting from Titanic and gave it to me as a birthday gift. After idealizing the piece and hanging it on my wall, I knew that something was missing. I need Rose's (Kate Winslet) painting from Titanic as well. So, to my surprise about three Christmas' ago my parents gave me Rose's portrait!! I know I'm crazy but I just really love Titanic and think that it was ans still is a powerful movie. I know there are other insane fans like me and I hope some are worse. So, I will end this post with the trailer that I promised to add. I hope you enjoy it!

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Anonymous said...

AMBER! Cool blog. Totally digging the movie theme. In reaction to this post. I do not like ol' Leonardo. I think of him as someone who should have very little play in action movies because I never find him believable. I know Rev Road isn't an action flick, but that is my opinion on slick Leo. And I believe this movie will be the sleeper pick at the box office as well as it will appeal to a decent crowd.