Saturday, September 13, 2008

After reading "The Path to Great PR"

Since reading the handout assigned in class last Tuesday I found several parts interesting and worth pointing out. Obviously this chapter is about blogging and how it can vastly improve a company's brand and success. What stuck out to me in this article was the part that said that the best thing a company can do is get in the conversation and let people within that organization represent the brand. I never really thought about this, but really it's true! The PR department of an organization can't be the only ones spreading the word it has to be a team effort. If the entire organization has at least the basic underlying idea of how the company brands itself, the better chance the company has of getting its name out there. Also another part of the chapter talks about blogging as the cheapest form of research, so why not take advantage of that. Plus, most of the research you could find would probably be fairly recent since blogs are updated frequently (at least the ones I look at are, lol).
However, I have a question and it may be blatantly obvious, but I don't understand how blogs really create, so to speak, a "rumor mill." I understand that you can start a blog about...say a new product you have and just start the conversation but how do you get from people knowing about it to numerous people wanting to buy your product and news generated about it??? I guess that's something I'll learn but I guess it just gets a little confusing to me. Hope I'm not alone in this!

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