Thursday, September 18, 2008

So I learned something new....surprise surprise

Since I would like to work for either a health care facility or a non-profit organization I decided to do something research regarding hospitals and social media. Surprisingly, I found an interesting web site talking about how High Point Regional Health System in North Carolina has created a patient blog. This particular blog allows patients to share their experiences with one another and the general public. Although the article clearly expresses that this system helps provide the best patient care possible, I truly think they are completely accurate. While working at Children's this past summer I brought up this idea to the marketing team and while they thought it was a good suggestion, they said it's a long process; one I guess they weren't willing to start. However, wouldn't most hospital's benefit from this tremendously? Patients could share their experiences, good or bad and then the hospital could see what went wrong and perhaps learn from that. Also it would be a great way for patients to interact with one another and share a great experience at the hospital. Plus, patient stories are usually very heartfelt and have a great human element that draws readers in. This particular blog from the High Point Regional Health System keeps all patient names anonymous and the patients names are changed for privacy reasons. I'm sure other hospitals have created similar forms of social media..let me know what you find!

By the way, my reference is the highlighted words! Thanks, lol!

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