Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Minor...week 4

After an interesting lab today in Animal Behavior .....well wait, let me tell you what we did for three hours before I jump into my underlying point. Today in our three hour lab Dr. Adams took our class to the ONU woodlot, which is behind the Maglott hall parking lot and then we marked a 100 meter transect (this is essentially a straight line with little markers indicating a certain distance). Anyway, we laid our six"bait stations" every 10 meters. On these"bait stations" we laid a piece of tuna or pecan sandie and then we sat and watched to see how many bugs would come to the food. Wow!! For 3 hours!!! We literally watched bugs for three hours and guess what, there were hardly any in site because bugs don't come out when it's really cold and early in the morning.

So at that point I started wondering....why again do I have a field biology minor? Here is the reality for anyone who doesn't know me. I am very passionate about dolphins and have pretty much wanted to train them since I was in junior high school. So, I figured having a minor in something animal behavior-related and studying different animals couldn't hurt. Plus, most of the time I do find a lot of the biology field quite interesting. Nonetheless, I feel very out of place. Most of the students in Animal Behavior are biology majors, so they think they know it all and some probably do. Honestly, if ONU offered a field biology or marine biology major I probably would have chose that as my second major. I feel like I shouldn't let go of my passion, which means I have to get suba-diving certified soon if I really want to train dolphins and then find a million internships so I can land a job...yeah my plan as of right now?? I will probably get a job within PR because I am very passionate about this major as well, then maybe once I have enough money I'll also be a trainer. Not very realistic, but in my mind it will all work out. You'll see me at Sea World a few years from now swimming with the dolphins and be totally jealous.

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